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Holy Water ~ More than just a sacrament!

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 7/02/19

Holy water ~ More than just a sacrament! 

 Did you know ~ 

Symptoms of dehydration include:

Decreased urine output         Dark urine           Dry skin

Fatigue                                 Lightheaded       Headache

Lack of energy                       Thirsty                Fainting    


When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Our bodies are made up of about 75% water.

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Star Steward Family

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 6/04/19

Ministries ~ The Allen Family 

Dan: Knights of Columbus (Former L.A.M.B. Director, Youth Director, Family Director), Organized Coats for Kids Campaign, Confirmation Team

Laurie: Handbell Choir; Vacation Bible School Volunteer

Held a number of roles over the years: Faith Formation Teacher, Healthcare Committee Member, MOMS Ministry leader, nursery team member

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Summer 2019 Stewardship Opportunities

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 5/31/19

Food Cart

Help Greensboro Urban Ministry Food Pantry – buy and place items in our food cart, located in the baptistry of our church. Canned protein, peanut butter in plastic containers, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta and cereals are especially needed to help feed children and families.

Hot Dish ... Read More »

History of Mardi Gras

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 3/12/19

From Catholic Online: 

From the outside it may seem that Mardi Gras is just one big party and another excuse to overeat and drink. But there is a lot more about this famous day we call "Fat Tuesday," including some surprising Catholic connections!

Mardi Gras is strongly associated with ... Read More »

Finding a Catholic Church while out of town is easy!

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 1/07/19


This link is very useful while travelling. Plug in the area that you are visiting and find a Catholic Church near your location. 


2018 CROP Hunger Walk

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 9/06/18

CROP Hunger Walk  ~ This Year Let's STOMP OUT HUNGER

Here at SPX, we step it up at CROP Walk time! Here are the walk details:   Register your intent to walk online HERE  Let your friends and family know you are walking to help raise awareness and to help ... Read More »

Join the Voices for Recovery

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 8/29/18

Did You Know?

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 2/16/18

  Each issue of Echoes is edited and assembled for distribution by a team of over 30 fellow parishioners. Funerals and receptions are organized and staffed by dozens of fellow parishioners, including youth altar servers. Placing your food in our Food Cart helps Greensboro Urban Ministry provide nutritious food ... Read More »

Stewardship Stories ~ Taking One Step Forward to Know, Love and Serve

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 2/14/18

Stewardship of faith by Christine Schneider ~ 


Sometimes we just need to take one step forward in our faith and see where God leads us.

Around 7 years ago, I went to my first Bible study at St. Pius. As we all joined together to study the Bible ... Read More »

Spotlight on CROP Hunger Walk

Posted by Carolyn Painley on 10/02/17

Spotlight on the CROP Hunger Walk:

This walk helps support the overall ministry of Church World Service, especially grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts around the world. In addition, the Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk & Run returns 25% of the funds it raises to Greensboro Urban Ministry's Potter's House Community ... Read More »


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