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Our High School youth group uses tools from Life Teen and other small group discipleship models. The Youth Ministry Team works to bring our parish teens into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Small Group meetings are on Sunday nights from 7:00 - 8:30 pm throughout the year. With praise and worship music, inspiring witnesses of the faith, informative talks, and a whole lot of fun ... the ministry is designed to help teens develop a spiritual life that is rooted in the beauty of the Scripture and Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Along with the regular Sunday night meetings, other retreat, travel, and service opportunities are available to our students throughout the year. 





This fall we WILL be having high school youth ministry! In lieu of being able to meet in our very large group every week, we will be having small groups every week! When students register for Youth ministry, they will be placed into a small group, each week they will meet with their leader and group and discuss the content prepared by our Youth Ministry Team! Your teen’s small group can choose where to meet each week, and can discuss if a time, besides 7-8:30pm on Sunday evening, will work best for everyone!


Our Fall Small Group programs are "Mood" and "Verified!"


Emotions can be empowering, crippling, and overwhelming. At times, they can be all three. Whether we experience triumphant peaks or deflating lows, the emotions we feel are never sinful; rather, they are a part of the human psyche. What we do with our emotions defines our morality. Since Jesus became fully human, He experienced the same emotions we feel. The difference is that Jesus took these emotions and gave us an example of how to order them for the good of all. MOOD is a Life Night series that presents the emotional responses of Jesus during His earthly ministry. It challenges teens to use Jesus’ example to understand their emotional responses and order them toward their spiritual good.


The Bible is one of the most significant and best-selling books in all of human history, yet it is unlike any other book that has ever existed. The Bible is the living Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has been handed down to us so that we may know God’s love and the story of our salvation. When we take the time to learn about the Bible and how to read it, we will understand both the necessity and the power of Scripture in our lives. Verified is a Life Night series that addresses common objections to the relevancy of Scripture and leads teens to trust and rely on what Scripture teaches us about who we are and who God is.

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