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Living Your Strengths

What is Living Your Strengths? 

8yc3ld6pe97cyalw4y3hucxk93l.jpgLiving Your Strengths is a book, outlining a process designed to help us better understand our talents. Once we know and understand our top 5 strengths, we are motivated to use and focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses. The book comes with an access code that will give you access to the Clifton Strengthsfinders assessment, revealing your top 5 strengths. 



How will Living Your Strengths help me?  

Parishioners are motivated and happier when they spend their time affirming what they do well, not when they are trying to improve weaknesses. After your talents and gifts are affirmed, you can then use them to enrich your Catholic perspective and stewardship within the parish. Measuring and identifying your top 5 strengths will help you live your strengths and serve St. Pius X Catholic Church through ministry work. Living your Strengths will outline specific Bible verses relating to your strengths and then lead you towards using your talents for both growth and service.   

How do I start living my strengths now?  s6pmbz3fy67m4nanv2xlmd0hw0l.jpg

The book is available to purchase right now, online in your favorite format >>> HERE  Please note that you have to purchase a NEW book in order to receive the code to take the Strengthsfinders assessment. After you purchase your book and take the assessment, we recommend you read about your top 5 strengths and where your talents might benefit you personally, professionally, and spiritually. A Living Your Strengths class will be offered periodically if you want to learn more or need a refresher. The class is free to those who purchase the book and share their strengths. Living Your Strengths will inspire you to discover your true calling in your stewardship way of life, and put you on a path of self-discovery that will empower you to be the you God created you to be!  Start Living Your Strengths and discover your God-given talents while inspiring the community of St. Pius X.   


To sign up to receive information on a Living Your Strengths class, please fill out the form below with your name and email and your 5 strengths. 

We are happy that you have purchased Living Your Strengths and have taken the Strengthfinders assessment. Please fill out the form with your name and your top 5 Strengths and we will let you know about the next Living Your Strengths Class offered at Saint Pius X

Thank you so much for your interest in Living Your Strengths!



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