The theme of the 2022 Diocesan Support Appeal is “Faith More Precious Than Gold.”  This is a shining reminder and an opportunity to put our faith into action to help others.  It also beautifully reminds us of the mission of the ministries supported by the DSA and what the ministries do for thousands of our brothers and sisters across western North Carolina.  The 2022 DSA Assessment for St. Pius the Tenth Church is $217,000. We will need the support of all parish families in order to meet this goal.


The purpose of the Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA) is to help provide the annual funding necessary to carry out the mission of our diocese – namely to fulfill our call to “grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship and witness, and to become a leaven of service and sign of peace through love in the Piedmont and Western North Carolina.” The DSA provides funding for the ministerial arm of the diocese.

The DSA provides support for more than 20 services that Catholic Charities of Charlotte offers throughout the diocese. The appeal also provides funding for the Housing Ministry, Education Ministries (providing over 30 different services), Multicultural Ministries, Eucharistic Congress, and Vocations. Some of these ministries provide services beyond the scope of individual parishes and some exist for the sole purpose of assisting parishes in their own mission to teach, evangelize and serve.


Amount Raised
100%+ of Goal / 502 Households
Updated July 26, 2022