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Liturgical Ministries at St. Pius X


Coordinators of the Consolation Ministry, approved by the Pastor, assist the family of the deceased in preparing the funeral liturgy and offer family support as needed. Coordinators work with the Pastoral Associate for Music & Liturgy in assisting with the church set-up for the funeral liturgy, including the coordination of volunteer ministers who serve in the liturgy. Individuals sensitive to family needs are encouraged to inquire. Training is provided and additional training in Hospice or bereavement counseling is helpful.



Help with liturgical environment and church furnishings. An ability to sew, paint, work with wood, or another other artistic talent is helpful. Time commitment varies depending on the parish needs. 



Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are fully initiated members for the Church who assist the Presider in distributing the Eucharist at Mass. Parishioners are approved and trained by the Pastor. Confirmed high school students and adults may serve. All are welcome to inquire. Pastoral approval is required.

 Bishops, Priests and Deacons are ordained to the Sacrament of Holy Orders and as such are “ordinary” ministers of Holy Communion. “Extraordinary” ministers of Holy Communion are lay persons who are trained and authorized to carry out this sacred ministry whenever there are insufficient numbers of ordinary ministers to distribute Holy Communion with reverence and in a timely way. Willingness to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion reflects not only a response to your Baptismal call to service but a commitment to Christ as you share in feeding the spiritually hungry. Reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament is essential in this ministry.



Ushers are Ministers of Hospitality who minister to the entire church family and visitors alike in a variety of practical ways prior to and during the liturgy, helping to ensure comfort in the church. Our Ushers are always ready to assist the clergy and congregation when called upon, from guiding late comers to their seats to directing the community during Holy Communion. They distribute the parish bulletins after Mass and do much more. Confirmed high school students and adults may inquire about joining this ministry. Initial training is required. 



Lectors serve at the Saturday Vigil, Sunday, Holy Day and other liturgical celebrations by proclaiming God’s Word. Confirmed high school students and adult ministers with a good speaking voice proclaim the Word at Mass. Auditions are required with initial training. Pastoral approval is required. Must be in good standing with the Catholic Church.



Altar Servers assist the Presider at the weekend, school and special Masses. Their responsibilities include serving as Cross and Candle Bearers and assisting the Presider with various duties at Mass. Fourth grade or above may serve. Initial training is required. There is no term limit on this ministry.



Sacristans approved by the Pastor, undertake the overall preparation of liturgical items for the celebration of the liturgy. Responsibilities include preparing the altar, credence table, liturgical books and sacred vessels for Mass; assisting the presider as needed and ensuring that the sacristy and sanctuary is ready for each liturgical celebration.

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