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1. Planned giving provides a tremendous opportunity for Christians to make a powerful witness to their faith and their values.
2. Planned giving helps maintain the work of the Church and its related mission.
3. Planned giving enables persons to make larger charitable gifts than otherwise possible.
4. Planned giving allows persons to establish permanent living memorials for themselves or others.
5. Planned giving provides tax advantages for the donor.


     Whether you’re new to the parish, or St. Pius has been your parish all your life, I think we can all agree that St. Pius is a special place. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to learn how we keep it this way for future generations. Over the past several months, you may have read or received information regarding St. Pius the Tenth’s establishment of a Planned Giving Program. As we move forward with this program, several events have been planned to help our parishioners who might want more information or need questions answered regarding estate planning and planned giving.

     Maybe, like many of us, you haven’t yet developed a plan to provide for your loved ones or your faith and charity interests. Or, perhaps the plan you have in place might need to be updated.  With this in mind, St. Pius the Tenth is offering two Estate Planning Seminars on two different days and times to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

     In addition to the members of the Planned Giving Committee, two financial planners and two attorneys will be present at each session. They will give short presentations, but more importantly, they will be available to answer any questions you might have. This seminar may help you to finally establish a plan, or to discover ways you can more efficiently manage the assets in your current plan.

Questions about Planned Giving at St. Pius X? Please contact the Planned Giving Committee Representative HERE.

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